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Why Government Grows, and How to Reverse It

Regardless of where someone may view himself along the political spectrum (conservative, libertarian, or modern liberal), there are always a variety of government programs and activities that they

Leftist Guardian to Any Global Warming Skeptic: Shut Up

The Australian edition ofThe Guardian — probably the most hard-left of the lefty daily newspapers in the English-speaking world — 

Solar Flares Up

It is amazing that something that seems as up-beat as “free” electricity from the sun can have such a dark side.

Joy Pullmann vs. Mike Petrilli on Common Core

Opening Statement – Joy Pullmann Despite its deep effects on the character of our nation, conservatives and the general population often ignore what children are learning except when t

The Evolving Urban Form: Suburbanizing Mexico

There is an increasing recognition – at least outside the academy, planning organization and urban core developer groups – that the spatial expansion of cities or suburbanization represents the evo

The Eroding Case Against Carbon Dioxide

When I hear concerns about soil erosion, I always think about my grandma. She was an amazing woman.

Declaring War on Americans

You have to be extremely stupid to send a couple of hundred armed government agents to confiscate some bullheaded rancher’s cattle without contemplating how the rest of the nation will interpret

Google's Glass House

Glass is a rare window into Google’s soul. Seldom does a new product come along that exposes a company like Google Glass does.

The Free Market vs. The Interventionist State

In whatever direction we turn, we find the heavy hand of government intruding into virtually every aspect of American society.