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It's the Consumer, Stupid! - Part II

In thinking about the brouhaha over AT&T's proposed "sponsored data" plan for its wireless service, I was reminded of a blog I wrote shortly after the oral argument in Verizon's appeal of the

Compassionate Conservatives Are Confusing A Slogan With An Agenda

In the year since President Barack Obama’s re-election, a handful of advocates for compassionate conservatism have re-emerged to push back against limited government conservatives with the sam

Annoying Greenies on the Defense

After decades of controlling America’s energy narrative, on January 5, CBS’s 60 Minutes fired a shot that has put the green lobby on the defensive.

Chris Christie's Finest Hour

In his Thursday morning press conference regarding “Bridgegate,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie demonstrated the sort of leadership and responsibility-taking that has allowed him to be a popula

Antibiotic surprise

Almost everyone these days uncritically accepts that the solution to antibiotic-resistant disease is to use fewer antibiotics. What about using more antibiotics? More varieties that is.

Google’s Robots and Creeping Militarization

Google CEO Larry Page has rapidly positioned Google to become an indispensable U.S.

The Very Green Keystone Pipeline Delay

Stopping the construction of the Keystone XL pipelin

If You Like Your Light Bulb, You Can’t Keep Your Light Bulb

Americans will be feeling a new and unexpected pain of government overregulation before they vote in November.