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Obama’s SOTU: Where are the opportunities?

The State of The Union Address (SOTU) reminded me of the idiom, “on one hand, on the other hand.”

Common Core's Band of Mothers

Sometimes Kristin George has to leave her small sons to protect them.

Build the Keystone Pipeline, Already!

President Obama frequently says he wants to turn the economy around, put America back to work, produce more energy, improve public safety, and open new markets to goods stamped “Made in the USA.” I

Dumber and Number: The Destructive Pursuit of Fixing Income Inequality

Over at a place called The Patriot Post, writer Burt Prelutsky recently posted an amusing if profane piece called “

Breaking Down Obama’s Energy and Environment Plans in his #SOTU

Barack Obama is fortunate to be president during the U.S.

Encrypt Everything!

The continuing scandal regarding National Security Agency monitoring of U.S.

Time of Testing Approaches for Obamacore

Maybe he was hard up for a good bragging point.

Feds Spend Millions to Promote Common Core

This article is the first of a three-part series on Common Core public outreach.

A Trip Too Far: The Chris Turney Antarctic Expedition

Climate scientist Chris Turney of the University of New South Wales spent several years organizing an expedition to Antarctica to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the

Obama's State Of The Union Formula For Economic Stagnation

In a piece last month, I explained that Presid