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Relentless Global Warming 'Scientists' Continue Their Scams

Despite the growing worldwide recognition that global warming—now called climate change—is a hoax and that the Earth has been in a cooling cycle going on seventeen years, those most responsible for

Chris Christie's 'Sin Tax' on E-cigs Would Burn Quitters

Why is Gov. Chris Christie trying to punish people who have quit smoking?

Alex Sink Rides Global Warming Alarmism to Surprise Congressional Defeat in FL-13

The national media this morning are calling Democrat Alex Sink’s surprise defeat in a bellwether special Congressional election yesterday a foreboding referendum on Obamacare.

Anytime is a Good Time to Remove Ridiculous Regulations

Wednesday brings us a House Commun

The Austrian Economists Who Refuted Marx (and Obama)

Left unspoken in Obama’s assertion of knowing what a minimum “fair” or “just” wage should be in Ameri

U.S. National Academy of Sciences Promoting Global Warming Scare

On February 12, the United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS) issued a news release inviting the public to a joint meeting with the UK Royal Society t

Portland Light Rail Revolt Continues

In a hard fought election campaign, voters in the city of Tigard  appear to have narrowly enacted another barrier to light rail expansion in  suburban Portland.


Tech Champions! Constitution Warriors?: Will "Real" Conservatives Usher in a Radical Expansion of Government Power?

Tomorrow the House Judiciary Committee will hold the hearing “Exploring Alterna

Senate Democrats' Anti-Scientific Hot-Air Marathon

While this week’s Senate  Climate Action Task Force all-night marathon may seem like the ultimate  co

Why is the Left So Opposed to Darwinian Evolution in the Market?

Leftists, on the main, are profound believers and espousers of Charles