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Why It's So Hard to Sell Climate Change

In the Obama administration's effort to talk about anything other than Obamacare and Obama's near-jobless recovery, the president flew across the country to find the one part of the United States w

Cop Candor: 'At Least We Didn't Rape Her'

Rarely do I sing the praises of cops but today I do. Let us all applaud Austin, Texas, Police Chief Art Acevedo for telling Americans what police work in this nation has become.

Huffington Post Means Well, but Insults Naomi Klein, Gives Heartland Too Much Credit

In this Huffington Post piece, Bill Shireman of Future 500 means well —

Georgia’s Solar Market: An Unfair Wealth Transfer Scheme

In Georgia and around the country, use of solar panels is on the rise.

Capital Gains, Corporate Income Taxes Hurt Employment and Economy

Two recent reports deserve attention from anyone who has a job, wants a job, or gives people jobs.  

How to Give Kids an Olympics-Worthy Education

Did you know a few simple new laws could help every U.S. kid access the same kind of education available to young Olympic athletes?

Disingenuous Attack on Shale Production

A new study from the Institute of Sustainable Development and International Relations (its French acronym is IDDRI)

Obama Wants to Waste a Billion on Climate Change

Barack Obama will be remembered for many things during his two terms in office, but high on the list, right after lying to everyone about everything, will be his determination to waste billions of

The Other Union Ruining Schools

David Horowitz has a new campaign in whi