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Barack Obama and the Meaning of Socialism

Barack Obama is finishing his fifth year as president, and continues to try to move America further in the direction of increased government paternalism with the implementation of ObamaCare, a push

Even Obama Can’t Believe Obama

In response to a question from a reporter (in his year-end press conference) regarding tax reform, President Obama — after saying that the debt ceiling is "not a negotiating tool" — said that he's

The Supreme Court is Undermining Science and Society

The Supreme Court has taken up another case based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s campaign of lies that 

Is Common Core 'Rigorous,' Or More Nearly The Opposite?

So often do avid boosters such as U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and former Florida Gov.

Obama Doctrine: Reward Friends, Punish Enemies

“Canada is a sovereign nation and we will develop our resources with appropriate regulations and enforcement to protect the environment,” said Paula Caldwell St-Onge.

WSJ: Obama Repeals Obamacare

If you missed Friday’s devastating Wall Street Journal editorial you should get over there and 

How to End the Tiresome Christmas Debate in Schools

Every Christmas, schools make headlines by labeling their calendars for “holiday break,” “winter solstice,” and the like instead of “Christmas break.” The occasional Scrooge-like superintendent or

Bag the Plastic Bag Tax

Legislators in Harrisburg are considering a proposal from state Sen. Daylin Leach, D-Wayne, that would make Pennsylvania the first state to impose a statewide tax on the use of plastic bags.

Greg Gutfeld’s EPIC Rant about NYC Ban on E-Cigarettes

If you missed The Five today, you missed an EPIC rant by the great 

Two and a Half Cheers for Ryan-Murray

My life’s work is devoted to cutting the federal government in half.