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Extreme Cold Outbreaks Defy Global Warming Predictions (01-30-14)

This winter’s multiple extreme cold outbreaks are a stark reminder that global warming activists have routinely and brazenly exaggerated the effects of global warming.

Then They Came After Our Swimming Pools

Using the non-existent claim carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels causes catastrophic global warming, the environmental movement claims the right to control all activities in our lives.

The Republican Alternative to Obamacare

The latest post-Obamacare reform proposal, put forward this weej by Senators Tom Coburn, Richard Burr, and Orrin Hatch, is likely to become the Obamacare alter

The Case Against Early Voting

To the delight of anyone who’s ever waited in line to cast a vote, a bipartisan election commission convened by President Obama concluded last week that states across the country should increase th

The Endangered Animal Act of Futility

David W. Snook, 57, of Bridgewater, New Jersey died on January 15, when two deer leaped into the path of his Dodge Ram on Route 206.

NY Times Wrong About Rand Paul, Libertarianism Being on the 'Fringe'

A lengthy January 25 The New York Times piece titled "Rand Paul’s Mixed

Italian Climate Nut to Live on Iceberg to ‘Prove’ Global Warming

It looks like we're going to get two stunts back to back that turn into disasters for the science-denying extremists who insist man is causing run-away, catastrophic global warmi

The Endless, Fruitless Search for Climate Refugees

The current cold covering a large portion of the country has, once again, brought out the climate change alarmists with claims of “serious threat.”