Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

The Coming Obamacare Bailout

Think back to the fall of 2008. Congress was asked to pass a $700 billion taxpayer bailout for Wall Street.

Global Warming's Mt. Rushmore Wisely Embraces Nuclear Power

Four scientists at the forefront of global warming activism published an open letter th

Playing Musical Chairs With World Economies

The world’s largest economies seem engaged in something like the children’s game of “musical chairs.” For years, the United States has been the world’s largest national economy, though in recent de

How The Republican Donor Class Gave Us Terry McAuliffe

The story playing out in the wake of Ken Cuccinelli’s narrow loss is of a piece with the divisions that have dogged the right in races large and small in recent years.

Why the FCC Needs to Get With the Times, Finally

We are in the midst of a transition away from copper wire-based communications services to broadband Internet-based services - a transition that then-FCC commissioner

Organics Versus GMO: Why the Debate?

“[T]he GM debate is over. It is finished. We no longer need to discuss whether or not it is safe.

Mining Policy Designed to Benefit Our Own—Mighty Rare

What is essential to modern energy production and management including oil-and-gas development, wind and solar, and LED lights, and has rare bipartisan support in both houses of Congress?

Real vs. Contrived “Modern” FCC Policy Thinking – Part 20 Obsolete Communications Law Series

Just like the wisdom that one cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear; one cannot make “modern” FCC policy from obsolete communications law.