Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

The Biggest Failure of Obamacare: Increasing the Number of Uninsured

Some people have been surprised by the failure of the Obamacare web site and more broadly of the federal exchanges generally.

Thank Global Warming For Softening The Blow Of Hurricane Sandy

One year ago [Tuesday], Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, killing more than 100 people and causing more than $50 billion in damage.

New Tesla Fires, Old Volt Ones Explained, Not Absolved

Tesla’s once-Teflon Elon Musk, the adored Paypal/

Google’s Faux Outrage over NSA Spying – Part 17 Google Spying Series

Big Brother Inc. Google is outraged at Big Brother NSA?

Of Sharks and Windshields

The Obama administration is beginning to resemble a damaged car windshield: A small ding from an unexpected flying pebble turns into a spider web of cracks, leaving the windshield difficult to see

Food Stamp Independency

Today, the first-ever program-wide reduction in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP”), also known as food stamps, will take place.

The Environmental Enemies of Energy

While Americans grapple with the Obamacare debacle and 90 million are officially unemployed according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is another threat to our future as environmental group

America’s Health Care in Crisis: Fighting Back Against Obamacare

Americans are getting increasingly angry about the realities of Obamacare — and for good reason.

US Citizens Pay for “Solar School” Foolishness

Solar systems are being installed at hundreds of schools across the United States. Educators use solar panels to teach students about the “miracle” of energy sourced from the sun.

Mike Lee And The GOP’s Lessons From The Godfather

Mike Lee gave an interesting speech at the Heritage Foundation yesterday – the text is here.