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Obama's Shutdown/Default Scare Tactics

Hundreds of thousands of government workers were laid off, national parks, monuments and other federal tourist attractions were closed, veterans were shortchanged, etc.

Book Review: 'Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death'

Katy Butler always assumed her aging parents would experience an active retirement before dying peacefully at home, as 75 percent of Americans wish to do, but only 25 percent actually do.

Shutdown Hysterics And Debt Drama Queens: What Happens Next?

After all the dire predictions of doom and gloom, all the hysterics and drama queens, the end result of the great government shutdown/debt limit battle was no real substantive change, except for on

Wasting Away in an Obamaville

With the collapse of the real estate bubble, many normally self-sufficient individuals and families found themselves not only out of work, but homeless.

Anti-Bullying Programs: Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

Remember DARE, Drug Abuse Resistance Education — the prevention program that took decades to fade despite repeated evidence it

Obamacare (As Seen On TV)

Well, that was embarrassing.

Goodbye OPEC, Hello Independence

October 17 was the fortieth anniversary of the oil embargo slapped on America by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Universal Health Insurance Lie

There are many things that might have been done to reform healthcare in the United States after Barack Obama was elected. The Affordable Care Act does begin to address some of these problems:

The Modern FCC Competition-Policy Linchpin

When will the FCC acknowledge the obvious?

The ObamaCare Website: The World Outruns the Government - By a Decade

We recently found out that the incredibly effective ObamaCare exchange website is - well, not exactly state-of-the-art.