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'Obamaclimate' Rules For Global Warming Would Be Just As Disastrous As Obamacare

Adam Hartung argued here at earlier this week that the United States needs to implement an

Shutdown, But No Slowdown In Government Expansion

As we read and hear the accusations and counter-accusations, the insults and counter-insults — things like the 

It’s the President’s Fault

Day 4 of the government shutdown, and look out the window. The sun is still shining, and the sky is still blue. The birds are chirping.

How Did Global Warming Evolve Into Such a Contentious Issue?

How appropriate that Rupert Darwell and his book, The Age of Global Warming:&n

Washington Has It Backward on Defunding ObamaCare

Defunding ObamaCare does not really require an active decision by the U.S. House of Representatives.

EPA, IPCC Push Ahead Even as Global Warming Theories Crumble

Ten days ago the Environmental Protection Agency issued its 

No, We Don’t Have a Plan to Blow up the Bridge—or the Healthcare System

If it’s your bridge, and not one being used by the enemy in wartime, you would want to obstruct a plan to destr

Sometimes You Have to Let Some Government Go

There is an awful lot of government going on in Washington.  Which is what happens when you spend $3.8 trillion -

Gina McCarthy Hopefully Kept Her Eyes Wide Open During Her Visit To Pebble Mine

If EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy kept her eyes open last month during her tour of the Pebble Group’s proposed mining site in southwestern Alaska, she saw a mining group committed to the most impr