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Five Steps for a Larger Economic Pie

The ongoing battles in Washington over the government shutdown and the debt ceiling are merely symptoms of a raging disease wracking the body politic: terminal government obesity.

The Science Fiction of IPCC Climate Models

The human race has prospered by relying on forecasts that the seasons will follow their usual

We Need Zero Tolerance for 'Zero Tolerance'

When I was a youngster a prize possession of every boy was a set of toy cowboy six-shooters and, if you were especially blessed, a belt and holsters as well.

Obamacare Reality Sinks In

 Now that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has gone into effect, the debate will shift from promises and theories to what consumers actually

Why North Carolina Teachers Can’t Feed Their Kids: No, It's Not a Right Wing Plot

On and off for twenty weeks now, a diminishing troupe has gathered for “Moral Mondays” to protest the outcomes of North Carolina’s 

'Obamaclimate' Rules For Global Warming Would Be Just As Disastrous As Obamacare

Adam Hartung argued here at earlier this week that the United States needs to implement an

Shutdown, But No Slowdown In Government Expansion

As we read and hear the accusations and counter-accusations, the insults and counter-insults — things like the 

It’s the President’s Fault

Day 4 of the government shutdown, and look out the window. The sun is still shining, and the sky is still blue. The birds are chirping.

How Did Global Warming Evolve Into Such a Contentious Issue?

How appropriate that Rupert Darwell and his book, The Age of Global Warming:&n

Washington Has It Backward on Defunding ObamaCare

Defunding ObamaCare does not really require an active decision by the U.S. House of Representatives.