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Sometimes You Have to Let Some Government Go

There is an awful lot of government going on in Washington.  Which is what happens when you spend $3.8 trillion -

Gina McCarthy Hopefully Kept Her Eyes Wide Open During Her Visit To Pebble Mine

If EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy kept her eyes open last month during her tour of the Pebble Group’s proposed mining site in southwestern Alaska, she saw a mining group committed to the most impr

The Government's Endless Orgy of Spending

I frequently marvel that a loon like Nancy Pelosi could have become Speaker of the House and is c

Omnipotence at Home, Impotence Abroad

This essay is based on remarks delivered on September 27 at CPAC-St. Louis.

Implications of EU Ruling Google Abused Its Search Dominance

Apparently EU antitrust authorities’ patience with Google has  limits.

The Latest Italian Job

Nowhere is the art of bureaucratic precaution and obfuscation practiced with greater enthusiasm and single-minded efficiency than in Eu

David Suzuki Attacks Climate Science

David Suzuki, better known in Canada than in the U.S. and other parts of the world, is a former scientist and modern-day financier of the radical fringes of the environmental movement.

There They Go Again

So in the end President Obama did not let the Navy Yard tragedy go to “waste.” He finally addressed the nation last Sunday to explain why the deaths of a dozen innocent victims on September 16 shou

Republicans Now Leading the Push to Tax the Internet

The national Republican Party has a serious brand problem.  Too many Establishment Elephants are too often Diet Democrats - taking positions just slightly less Large Government than the Donkey

Turning Smokers Into Criminals

America is filled with groups of people clamoring for their “rights” or claiming they are being discriminated against.