Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Dial-up Rules for the Broadband Age?

Eventually the truth comes out. The call for net neutrality is really a call for a return to monopoly common carrier regulation for broadband networks.

City Hall Legislating in the Shadows

Is Mayor Bloomberg so devoted to his public-health drive that he’s willing to break the law?

Mining Policy Designed to Benefit Our Own—Mighty Rare

What is essential to modern energy production and management including oil-and-gas development, wind and solar, and LED lights, and has rare bipartisan support in both houses of Congress?

Real vs. Contrived “Modern” FCC Policy Thinking – Part 20 Obsolete Communications Law Series

Just like the wisdom that one cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear; one cannot make “modern” FCC policy from obsolete communications law.

School Lunch Expansion: Another Wasteful, Unaffordable Entitlement

Soon, all public schools will be allowed to enroll all students, regardless of need, into a new

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

One of my favorite off-Broadway shows is  

10 Lessons For Republicans From Virginia

Today there will be a host of media analysts pre-writing their stories on the results of elections in Virginia and New Jersey to argue a couple of things: first, that just as Mitt Romney told us la

Mark Rhoads' Collection a Must Read For Illinois History Buffs

On October 30th, former State Senator Mark Q.

The Biggest Failure of Obamacare: Increasing the Number of Uninsured

Some people have been surprised by the failure of the Obamacare web site and more broadly of the federal exchanges generally.