Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Dial-up Rules for the Broadband Age?

Eventually the truth comes out. The call for net neutrality is really a call for a return to monopoly common carrier regulation for broadband networks.

City Hall Legislating in the Shadows

Is Mayor Bloomberg so devoted to his public-health drive that he’s willing to break the law?

Mining Policy Designed to Benefit Our Own—Mighty Rare

What is essential to modern energy production and management including oil-and-gas development, wind and solar, and LED lights, and has rare bipartisan support in both houses of Congress?

Real vs. Contrived “Modern” FCC Policy Thinking – Part 20 Obsolete Communications Law Series

Just like the wisdom that one cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear; one cannot make “modern” FCC policy from obsolete communications law.

School Lunch Expansion: Another Wasteful, Unaffordable Entitlement

Soon, all public schools will be allowed to enroll all students, regardless of need, into a new

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

One of my favorite off-Broadway shows is  

10 Lessons For Republicans From Virginia

Today there will be a host of media analysts pre-writing their stories on the results of elections in Virginia and New Jersey to argue a couple of things: first, that just as Mitt Romney told us la

Mark Rhoads' Collection a Must Read For Illinois History Buffs

On October 30th, former State Senator Mark Q.

Forty Years Ago, Scarcity Was Our Reality

October 17 was the fortieth anniversary of the oil embargo slapped on America by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).