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The Environmental Enemies of Energy

While Americans grapple with the Obamacare debacle and 90 million are officially unemployed according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is another threat to our future as environmental group

America’s Health Care in Crisis: Fighting Back Against Obamacare

Americans are getting increasingly angry about the realities of Obamacare — and for good reason.

Mike Lee And The GOP’s Lessons From The Godfather

Mike Lee gave an interesting speech at the Heritage Foundation yesterday – the text is here.

Will the Nov. 30 Deadline Promise be the Straw That Broke the Camel's Back?

It was on Friday, October 25th, that Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary Kathleen Sebelius, speaking at a panel in San Antonio, urged potential healthcare consumers to disregard ObamaCar

When Government Grows, We Lose. Only Government Wins

Government grows – and only government benefits.

The Tyranny of Electronic Systems

Some eight years ago the media was excited that Hillary Clinton and Newt Gingrich had formed an alliance about reforming health care.

Janet Yellen in Real Time

Did Janet Yellen, in real time, (1) see any problem in the housing bubble, (2) anticipate the bursting of the housing bubble; and,

Underemployment in America

The nation’s lackluster economic performance continues to be  a concern.

The First Cracks

President Obama and his henchmen in Congress have had political success (not to be confused with policy success) by enforcing, as leftist dictatorships always do, an iron-fisted party discipline an

Is Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Sarvis a Libertarian-In-Name-Only?

The final debate in Virginia last night between Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli didn’t feature Robert Sarvis, the libertarian candidate who has frequently brushe