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NSA, Net Neutrality, It’s All About Controlling the Internet - and You

We’ve been seeing a wide array of incredible, all-encompassing government overreaches on cell phones and the Internet come cascading out ever since Edward Snowden first broached the subject.

“We win and they lose”

“An economy in distress, vast natural resources locked up with no plans to put them to use, and a regulatory regime that inhibits the development of resources and the creation of jobs.” Sound famil

Will Democrat Voters Support Obama's Suspension Of Democracy And Calculated Deception?

On July 18, President Obama held an event at the White House to promote Obamacare.  It was Calculated Deception writ large, which is Obama’s rhetorical style of taking advantage of what he shr

Duke Energy's 'Clean Coal' Power Plant Off to Bad Start

Duke Energy’s “green” initiative to gasify coal for allegedly “cleaner”

How to Fix the Republican Party

Why does the Republican Party keep nominating all these loser candidates, like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney? Why did Republican primary voters pick George Bush over Jack Kemp in 1988?

Cybersecurity can be achieved without Big Government

Hardly a week goes by without the news media picking up on a report concerning the vulnerability of U.S.

Technical Glitches and Payments for Down Time Still Nag Boeing's Dreamliner

Another fire, another mysterious technical glitch, and happy-go-lucky Boeing skips along enjoying strong sales, revenues and profits

Five Lessons From Obamacare Supporters

This week I’ve been attending and speaking at the Colorado Health Symposium.

Climate Realism and Socialist Realism

Louis Fischer, born in 1896 in Philadelphia, was a journalist who became a supporter and believer in the Soviet Union and world communism. He lived in Moscow for many years.

Journalism in a Digital World

In the early 1960s I started my professional life as a very young reporter for a weekly newspaper. In a few months the editor left for a job with a daily and I became the editor.