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In astrophysics, there is a concept called a “singularity.” Most often discussed in terms of the Big Bang or b

The Age of Climate Alarmism is Coming to an End

You can be forgiven for not noticing that the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a 

Thorner: Lake Forest Parents Would be Wise to Hear Both Sides on Common Core

With all that is happening currently in Washington, D.C.

If Someone Really Wanted to Harm Obamacare…

Now I’m not suggesting that anyone go out and do this, but if someone really wanted to hurt ObamaCare, he (or she) would hack into and steal personal information of those who were st

Global Warming Alarmism Denies Sound Science

Sound science dealt several devastating blows to global warming alarmism during the past few weeks, despite the best efforts of global-warming activists to sustain the drumbeat of climate fear.

School choice in Texas a matter of civil liberties

In Texas, more than 2,000 students per week are dropping out of public schools — 3 million students during the last two decades.

Dubious Climate Change Certainties

So the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says it is now 95% sure the climate has changed and some of the change is due to mankind.

With Its Soda Tax, Mexico Repeats The Mistakes Of Mayor Bloomberg:If Obesity Could be Outlawed, it Wouldn't be a Problem

By the middle of October, if everything stays on schedule, Mexico's legislators may well prove that they haven't learned a thing from policies that have been tried and failed, from Denmark to New Y