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Blind Justice?

The jury in the Trayvon Martin case has found George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder beyond a reasonable doubt in the tragic shooting of Mr.

Green Energy's Too Expensive

On Wednesday, July 10, the House passed H.R.

Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resource Development and Foreign Policy

While the development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources has clearly transformed the global energy landscape, the second order impacts have not been nea

Global Warming? No, Satellites Show Carbon Dioxide Is Causing 'Global Greening'

Rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are bolstering plant life throughout the world, environmental scientists report in a newly published peer-reviewed study.

ObamaCare on the Brink

I hope you will forgive me for assuming the Obama administration was merely 

The American Way of Birth

The New York Times recently published a major article by Elisabeth Rosenthal on “The American Way of Birth, Costliest in the World.”

Education Savings Accounts Give Mothers Tears of Joy

Want to make a mother cry with joy? Give her child an education savings account (ESA).

Congressman Kelly: Next Phase of IRS Scandal is Abuse of Our Data

Breitbart News just spoke with Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Mike Kelly about what he thinks is next regarding the now roiling Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal.  

Stopping Common Core is Only the Beginning

As parents have encountered Common Core in their children’s classrooms, then sought information about what it means, we’ve seen a nationwide brushfire

Bottomless Subsidies Needed to Keep DOE Electric Truck Project Alive

Despite little news over the past nine months since its last-minute abandonment of an i