Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Cybersecurity can be achieved without Big Government

Hardly a week goes by without the news media picking up on a report concerning the vulnerability of U.S.

Technical Glitches and Payments for Down Time Still Nag Boeing's Dreamliner

Another fire, another mysterious technical glitch, and happy-go-lucky Boeing skips along enjoying strong sales, revenues and profits

Five Lessons From Obamacare Supporters

This week I’ve been attending and speaking at the Colorado Health Symposium.

Fracking Brings Employment

Signs of pride and prosperity were evident all over Williamsport and the gorgeous northern Pennsylvania countryside around it. Friendly, happy people greeted us.

Distortions and Reality about Income Mobility

A ground-breaking study of intergenerational income mobility  has the enemies of suburbia falling all over themselves to distort the  findings.

Critiquing the Record of Our ‘Scientist-in-Chief’

An intellectual journal called The New Atlantis has an excellent 10-year-record of working to "clarify the nation’s m

Global Warming as Faith

Global warming is a scientific theory, but is mostly about faith. Faith plays a bigger role in science than we care to admit.

Does the Doctor Need a Boss?

Einer Elhauge is a Harvard law professor and former adviser to the Obama campaign.

Hot Lies Disputed by Cold Facts

I have always found a stark contrast in the way the forecasts of meteorologists on television and radio are limited in accuracy to about a week and beyond that become more speculative while the cla

How Does President Obama's Economic Recovery Compare To Those Of Other Presidents?

President Obama is on a national economic policy speaking tour, with a series of speeches across the country on finally getting the economy growing again, now in his fifth year in office. &nbs