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America’s FCC-FTC Privacy Divide

[Note: This was submitted to the FCC for Reply Comments on the Title II Privacy NPRM]

Parents, Declare Your Education Independence

On July 4, 1776, American colonists declared their independence from a distant monarchy in Great Britain that had passed mandate after mandate without input from the people over which it ruled.

Thanks, FBI: We Real Worlders Find Elite World Inordinately Annoying. Again

How about that FBI no-indictment announcement yesterday?

New EPA Emissions Report Threatens Alabama Industries

The Environmental Protection Agency's latest report on greenhouse gas emissions demonstrates shrewd political strategy -- and a wanton disregard for objective science.

Our Air Is Getting Cleaner, And Natural Gas Deserves Some Fracking Credit

A new study released by the World Health Organization (WHO) says although outdoor air pollution worldwide has 

May Free Speech Reign and Scientific Inquiry Prevail

Throughout the past four years, climate change activists have been secretly coordinating with one another regarding ways to prosecute individuals, organizations, and companies that are their ideolo

Restoring ‘Diversity’ To The Supreme Court

Liberals talk a great deal about “diversity” these days, so it is ironic that 

Taxpayers Should Call Foul on Sports-Stadium Subsidy Handouts

Lawmakers in Salt Lake City recently approved giving the city’s NBA team, the Utah Jazz, $22.7 million in tax revenue collected from businesses in the basketball arena’s zoning district.

Greenpeace Under Fire

Governments and courts around the world are finally cracking down on the eco-terrorist organization Greenpeace.