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Welcome to Health Care Hell

Some blogs are tough to write and some just seem to write themselves.  This is one of the latter.

Greedy Africans are Starving Our Cars

“You’ve heard of Live Aid? Well, this is Drive Aid,” an ardent young man says, as he approaches London pedestrians.

Details Revealed of Fisker's Waste and Mismanagement

As NLPC has covered Fisker Automotive’s catastrophic flop over the last few years since it was granted a $529-million taxpayer-guaranteed loan

U.S. Competition Beats EU Regulation in Broadband Race

They were so wrong. To justify FCC market intervention, U.S. proponents of EU-style, heavy-handed broadband regulation trumpeted the narrative that the U.S.

Farm Bill: After Three Failed Decades of No Reform, Isn’t it Time to Try A Different Approach?

Unwinding the government’s crop protectionism regime has been a 30+ year-long nightmare mess.  We who wish to make it all go away have in that time gotten absolutely nowhere in our attempts to

The Magic, Fairy Dust Naivete That Is Progressive Economics

Let’s proclaim the Good News: Government money is free.  No, not just to the beneficiaries of government programs.  To society as a whole.  Meaning there is no economic cost to gover

California’s Environmental Tax Grab

Well, well, well.  It seems California is not all that interested in theenvironment after all.

Vanishing Snow: Should There Be A Law?

Last month, more than 100 ski resorts joined the Business for Innovative Climate &


This essay is based on remarks delivered on June 19, 2013 at Heartland’s annual President’s Council Retreat.

‘Thousands of NSA Analysts Can Listen to Domestic Phone Calls,’ Read Emails, Texts, IMs

UPDATES: Aplenty – from late last night – below.  Please, indulge us and read from top to bottom – for clarity’s sake. —–