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ObamaCare’s Biggest Wrong: Collecting the Premiums

One of the long-standing problems in the individual health insurance market is collecting premiums.

Shale Gas Better Climate Solution Than Carbon Tax

In a recent commentary ("The importance of Maryland's leadership on climate change," Aug. 18), former presidential adviser Carol M.

A Tale of Two Climate HockeySticks

The  false "hockeystick" graph with which (in 2001) the UN climate panel claimed that  current surface t

America’s Second Civil War

“War,” said Carl von Clausewitz, “is but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other m

Environmentalists Want You Powerless

The power plant closures are coming; the power plant closures are coming; the power plant closures are coming; and while no one is riding through town to announce the news, the results to America c

E-cigarette Regulation: Take Sensible Approach to Help Smokers Quit

For all the heated rhetoric, there's little dispute in the scientific community: those who quit smoking cigarettes and switch to e-cigarettes reap immediate as well as long-term health benefits.

Obama is Denying Energy Independence to America

Watching the events unfold in the Middle East, it occurred to me that, if we had a president who had even the slightest grasp of energy facts, we could be living in a nation that is not dependent i

Dump the Minimum Wage and Adopt the Free Wage

Let us thank the union- and taxpayer-backed Restaurant O

New Taxes+Unusable Speed=Good for School? New Math For Politicians?

What could possibly be wrong with the idea? It helps the kids.