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The Farm-Bill Killshot May Augur Victory In The War On Poverty

Last week, the Washington Establishment, from the Congressional leadership to the national media, was surprised and shocked when the House actually voted down the 5 year farm bill renewal.  Th

Obama’s Climate Action Plan: Emphasize What Won't Work; Penalize What Works

For months President Obama has been in the uncomfortable position of straddling a barbed-wire fence—does he appease his ardent environmental supporters or advocate for economic growth that wi

As Government’s Power Grabs Grow, Media’s Coverage Diminishes

The Barack Obama Administration has been on a five-plus-year-long  Collect-As-Much-Information-On-Us-As-Possible spree.

President Obama’s Climate Initiative—The Bad News and Good News

In his speech at Georgetown University on Tuesday, President Obama announced, “So today…I’m directing the

Obama's Words on Carbon Dioxide, Drilling Contradict His Actions

In his much-hyped speech Tuesday, Presi

Reconfirming the Constitution

Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act bans any “standard, practice, or procedure” that “results in a denial or abridgement of the right of any citizen… to vote on account of race or color.” After yest

What Consists of Well-Being? The Non-Study Study

The Social Science Research Center has posted a lengthy report on what consists of good human development & well-being (read happiness) in the states.

Obama, not ‘Skeptics,’ Serve as President of the ‘Flat-Earth Society’

I’m loath to even write about President Obama’s banal 

Obama’s Climate Obsession

The bond market suffered a mini-crash following President Obama’s ill-considered words all but firing Federal