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Citizen Journalist

James O’Keefe, the young man who exposed the corruption within ACORN, an organization whose voter registration program and others were closely allied with the Democratic Party, has written “Breakth

Thank You, Speaker Boehner

A highly illuminating article in Monday’s Wall Street Journal by Stephen Moore

Uneconomical vs. Economical Net Neutrality at the U.N. Part 11, Uneconomics vs. Economics Series

Information may want to be free, but physical networks are costly.

Meteor Dust and My TV Reception

Throughout much of the last two days my Direct TV reception, fed via satellite, was disrupted as some stations were accessible while others were not.

Déjà vu All Over Again

No President in modern U. S.

A Supreme Chance to Bury Crony Capitalism

In addition to being on the side of the angels, Benedictine monks at St.  Joseph Abbey in Covington, La., appear to be on the side of entrepreneurship and  freedom.

Essentially, a Hand Up

I have heard several people over the years suggest some pretty crazy poli

NSA, Net Neutrality, It’s All About Controlling the Internet - and You

We’ve been seeing a wide array of incredible, all-encompassing government overreaches on cell phones and the Internet come cascading out ever since Edward Snowden first broached the subject.

“We win and they lose”

“An economy in distress, vast natural resources locked up with no plans to put them to use, and a regulatory regime that inhibits the development of resources and the creation of jobs.” Sound famil

Will Democrat Voters Support Obama's Suspension Of Democracy And Calculated Deception?

On July 18, President Obama held an event at the White House to promote Obamacare.  It was Calculated Deception writ large, which is Obama’s rhetorical style of taking advantage of what he shr