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Global Warming as Faith

Global warming is a scientific theory, but is mostly about faith. Faith plays a bigger role in science than we care to admit.

Critiquing the Record of Our ‘Scientist-in-Chief’

An intellectual journal called The New Atlantis has an excellent 10-year-record of working to "clarify the nation’s m

Hot Lies Disputed by Cold Facts

I have always found a stark contrast in the way the forecasts of meteorologists on television and radio are limited in accuracy to about a week and beyond that become more speculative while the cla

Does the Doctor Need a Boss?

Einer Elhauge is a Harvard law professor and former adviser to the Obama campaign.

The Post Office is Sitting on a Gold Mine

The United States Postal Service is operating according to a paradigm set up 100 years ago.  In spite of protected monopolies and immunity from paying taxes or even parking tickets, the USPS i

Please Don’t Frack

Regular readers of my weekly column may be shocked at my suggestion: “please don’t frack.” But, bear with me.

How Does President Obama's Economic Recovery Compare To Those Of Other Presidents?

President Obama is on a national economic policy speaking tour, with a series of speeches across the country on finally getting the economy growing again, now in his fifth year in office. &nbs

In Defense of Larry Summers

Larry Summers is on the short list being considered by the president

Federal Aid to Detroit: In Reality, More Than $2 Billion; But to What End?

A Bloomberg piece asserts that federal aid to Detroit amounts to only

It's Time for 'Zero for Zero' Farm Subsidies

We are approaching the DC’s sleepy season. Congress will soon adjourn for the  summer.