Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Obamacare Implodes - Health savings accounts are the solution, along with a dose of impeachment.

Health policy economists are puzzled by a persistent slowdown in the growth of health care spending that seems to have started in mid-2005, and accelerated since then.

Americans Fighting Their Own Government For Economic Survival

No wonder the national debt is at nearly $17 trillion—and ticking higher every day.

Slow the Presses!

It has been a difficult time for newspapers.

Reaching 400 ppm of CO2 Is No Milestone

[The following is a letter to the editor I submitted the other day to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. They will certainly not publish it, so I publish it here.

How Ridiculous is Net Neutrality? Let the Left’s ‘Consumer’ Groups Demonstrate

There are Leftist groups that claim the mantle of protecting the “consumer interest.”  Asserting they exist to protect consumers from the abusive, evil acts of corporate America.  In most

IRS Tea Party Scandal Shows Government Should Be Kept Away From Our Data

Late last week we learned that the Barack Obama Administration’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was subjecting conservative non-profit organizations to ridiculous levels of

The Unintended Consequences of Energy Mandates and Subsidies on America’s Civil Nuclear Fleet

Until recently, most energy analysts focused on challenges to expansion and new builds when discussing the future of America’s nuclear power sector.

How to Tell if College Presidents Are Overpaid

The Chronicle of Higher Education tells us the median salary of public university presidents rose 4.

The Taxman Cometh (for Tea Partiers)

On Friday, senior IRS official Lois Lerner offered an apology of sorts after nonprofit organizations that were applying for tax-exempt status were targeted for IRS audit if the groups’ names includ

A Climate Cycle Delivered Our Cold Spring

Lots of us are commenting on the U.S. having the second coldest spring in the official thermometer record (starting ca. 1860) and the coldest since 1975.