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Yes, Let's Please Have More Conversations About Global Warming

Two scientist-activists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

President Obama's Plan for A Socialist One Party State

The  last check and balance on President Obama is the Republican majority in the  House of Representatives.  He has made clear that he intends to remove that  check on his power

Is it Time to End Ethanol Vehicle Fuel Mandates?

Last week, Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and other lawmakers int

Terror or Tragedy?

In a nation that officially – officially, mind you, at the highest levels of government – can no longer distinguish between an act of terro

Other People’s Children: Part Two

In the race to the financial bottom the State of Illinois vies nicely with several other states, including (depending on the precise year involved)

DOJ Joins FCC in Picking Wireless Winners and Losers

The DOJ has joined the FCC in trying to pick market winners (Sprint/T-Mobile)  and losers (Verizon/AT&T) in the U.S. wireless market.

Progressive Keynesian Myths Debunked: The Coming Redistribution of Political and Economic Power Among the States

Ongoing effective economic experiments among the 50 states are sharpening, and definitive results will pour out in the real world, editorial and opinion fallacies to the contrary notwithstanding.

Obama Again Picking Private Sector Losers at the Expense of Winners

The Barack Obama Administration is fabulously successful at choosing terribly in the private sector.

Other People’s Children

If the states are laboratories of democracy, then what does that make our cities? Showcases of the experiments’ results? If so, then we are in for a terrible time.

Margaret Thatcher: Global Warming Provides Excuse For 'Worldwide, Supra-National Socialism'

In honor of Margaret Thatcher’s memory, favorite quotes from the Iron Lady have popped up everywhere.