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This essay is based on remarks delivered on June 19, 2013 at Heartland’s annual President’s Council Retreat.

‘Thousands of NSA Analysts Can Listen to Domestic Phone Calls,’ Read Emails, Texts, IMs

UPDATES: Aplenty – from late last night – below.  Please, indulge us and read from top to bottom – for clarity’s sake. —–

Marco Rubio's Insider Problem

What was Marco Rubio sent to Washington to do?

The Magic, Fairy Dust Naivete That Is Progressive Economics

Let’s proclaim the Good News: Government money is free.  No, not just to the beneficiaries of government programs.  To society as a whole.  Meaning there is no economic cost to gover

Greenbacks Beat the Greens in Uber-Green California

If there is anyplace the gang green can expect to get its way, it would surely be California.


Big Apple "Voluntary" Composting Idea Stinks: Carries Health Risks, Says New York-Based Risk Expert

Mayor Bloomberg is planning on creating a "voluntary" composting program that will eventually become mandatory, the New York Times 

Curbing the IRS

Suppose you give your 30-year-old daughter a list of groceries to buy for you and $25 to pay for them. Does your daughter have to report the $25 to the IRS as income?

Higher Education’s Changing Landscape

There is one thing the professoriate in highereducation, generally, resist–change.

Americans Saw Threat to Freedoms Before Scandals Came To Light

In early April, the American Conservative Union commissioned a National Survey on Privacy and Free Speech.

The Evil of Prior Restraint

NSA’s excuse for snooping on innocent citizens -- namely, that it can prevent serious harm to us, might even save lives -- is spurious.