Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Internet Taxes

The Tribune's April 8 editorial "Online vs. on the corner; Time to put dot-coms on par with your local store" is off base on Internet taxes.

Other People’s Children

If the states are laboratories of democracy, then what does that make our cities? Showcases of the experiments’ results? If so, then we are in for a terrible time.

Margaret Thatcher: Global Warming Provides Excuse For 'Worldwide, Supra-National Socialism'

In honor of Margaret Thatcher’s memory, favorite quotes from the Iron Lady have popped up everywhere.

The Price of Cheap Beer

America's top beer-ocrat goes to the Senate tomorrow.

Absolute Rights – and Wrongs: Is It Really All About the Kids?

In the wake of the celebrated shootings in Newtown, Connecticut; Aurora, Colorado; and the streets of Chicago, both parties have fallen over themselves to act “serious” about the problem of gun vio

Three Ways ObamaCare Is Failing

As I’ve noted before, there were three opportunities for those who oppose  Obamacare to repeal and replace it. One path was at the ballot box, where  opponents failed.

Lawsuit and a Congressional Hearing as Fisker Bankruptcy Nears

As green energy stimulus recipients raked in billions of dollars the last few years, with

Resentencing Skilling: Reading Between The Lines

The Wall Street Journal reported on April 5

BP Finds Sustainability in Oil and Gas, Sells Off Wind

Only a month ago BP – which not long ago promoted itself as “Beyond Petroleum” –

Mother Nature Takes Pre-Emptive Shot at Alarmists on Eve of IPCC V Release

How is it that every time environmentally supercharged politicians ring the alarmist bell, Mother Nature has a way of mocking their efforts?