Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Defeating Frac Sand Moratorium Good for Minnesota

I disagree with the Land Stewardship Project that Minnesota state government needs to play an active role in frac sand mining (State frac sand moratorium unlikely, Apr. 24).

Administration Denies Reality at Fisker Congressional Hearing

As the Department of Energy seized the last of Fisker Automotive’s reserves

A Win for Rational Policy and Cost-Effective Energy

You’ve heard the cliché: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” Within the past month, I’ve experienced both sides of that adage—in reverse.

Happy Birthday To One Of The U.S.'s Greatest Presidents

Sunday, April 28 marked the 255th anniversary of President James Monroe’s birth in 1758.

Will the Number of Uninsured Rise Under ObamaCare?

It is cruelly ironic, but the massive law that was enacted to solve the problem of the uninsured in America is more likely to worsen it.

The Global Warmists' Last Line Of Defense: The Warming Must Be In The Bermuda Triangle

Where is all the rapidly accelerating global warming that is supposed to be gripping the world?

The Immigration Trap

The Democrats have gotten the great Republican hope, Marco Rubio, to sign on  to a measure that accomplish

The Lessons of Iraq and Obamacare

With the opening of the George W.

Americans Bothered By The Way The Government Spends Taxes

Every year, April 15 is tax day. The morning’s news shows featured last minute tax tips and other tax-related information.

What Do Dish-Sprint, Google Fiber, & T-Mobile’s No Contracts, All Mean?

Competition is alive and well in the U.S. communications market.