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Green Crusade a Threat to Economic Growth

One definition of “gangrene” offered by Webster’s Dictionary, “pervasive decay or corruption,” appropriately characterizes the work of the

Incompetence and Dysfunction Rampant at Energy Department

"Ineptocracy” is a new Internet-popularized word in wide circulation, which came to my inbox with the following definition:

Americans Bothered By The Way The Government Spends Taxes

Every year, April 15 is tax day. The morning’s news shows featured last minute tax tips and other tax-related information.

What Do Dish-Sprint, Google Fiber, & T-Mobile’s No Contracts, All Mean?

Competition is alive and well in the U.S. communications market.

Google Lands Sweet Deal, Taxpayers Are the Suckers

This piece in the Heartlander, "Google Goes Shopping at a Dollar Store" by Ran

Ohio Joins States Debating Common Core

Earlier this month, approximately a thousand Ohioans spent two to three hours of their free time in packed auditoriums, listening to people talk about education stand

President Obama's Predictable Budget: More Spending, More Tax Increases

President Obama tells us in the Overview to his Fiscal Year 2014 Budget just released last week that his budget proposes, “more than $2 in spending cuts for every $1 of new revenue from closing tax

Federal Government Looking to Tax Internet – And Let States Do It Too

The Big Government, Never-Enough-of-Your-Coin-Coalition – Internet Division – is at it yet again.

Doctors Ask: Is a Charting Error a Federal Crime?

As cardiovascular surgeon John Natale, M.D., sits in federal prison, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago heard his appeal on April 18.

Climate Change Conversation Aborted

An  editorial essay by American Chemical Society (ACS) officers Bassam Shakhashiri and Jerry Bell  (Science 5 Apri