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How the Iron Lady Got Her Start

There will be numerous eulogies today from people who knew her well, and most  will focus on Margaret Thatcher’s tenure as Prime Minister, when her wit and skill made her a force to be re

Obama Attacks IRAs

How much would you need to be able to retire comfortably? If you’re not sure of the answer, don’t worry: the Obama administration will answer for you.

You Can Have a Big Economy, or a Big Government – Not Both

President Barack Obama has for five-plus years said and done two contradictory things regarding the United States’ economy.

Six EU Nations Revolt Against Google’s Virtual Colonialization of Their Private Data

Ironically six of the original European colonial powers of yesteryear, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, have

BP: Back to Petroleum and Beyond Puff-power

British Petroleum is still one of the world’s biggest oil companies.

North Carolina Rethinking Renewable Energy Standard

North Carolina legislators are considering repealing the state's renewable portfolio standard.

Is Renewable Energy Law Good for N.C.? No

One of the most effective ways to reduce the purchasing power of every person and business in North Carolina would be to raise energy costs.

Unlike ObamaCare, the Republican Plan Will Work

Ezra Klein has a lengthy piece taking apart

Bad News Keeps Piling Up for Climate Alarmists

This has not been a good 2013 so far for those who peddle climate alarmism for fame and profit.

His Greatest Failure: The Absence of Economic Recovery Under Obama’s Keynesian Rule is What Has Most Transformed America

President Obama likes to pose as a martyred man, because when he entered office, the economy was in a recession.