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IRS Tea Party Scandal Shows Government Should Be Kept Away From Our Data

Late last week we learned that the Barack Obama Administration’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was subjecting conservative non-profit organizations to ridiculous levels of

The Unintended Consequences of Energy Mandates and Subsidies on America’s Civil Nuclear Fleet

Until recently, most energy analysts focused on challenges to expansion and new builds when discussing the future of America’s nuclear power sector.

A Climate Cycle Delivered Our Cold Spring

Lots of us are commenting on the U.S. having the second coldest spring in the official thermometer record (starting ca. 1860) and the coldest since 1975.

Wireless Competition: What’s the Data Say?

The CTIA just released its semi-annual statistics on the wireless industry’s performance, and its bad news for all those supposed data-driven, pro-regulation proponents who are in search of evidenc

Uninsured May Have Better Access to Care than Medicaid Patients, Survey Shows

The public relations campaign to support Medicaid expansion frequently uses testimony by patients with serious medical conditions who have lost their private insurance.

Is Roy Spencer the World's Most Important Scientist?

Roy Spencer is a climate scientist at  the University of Alabama Huntsville who may be the world's most important  scientist.   He has

Washington’s Preschool Push Ignores the Real Problem

In 1965, almost no parents put their three-year-olds in nursery school.

Overconfidence: The Achilles Heel of Global Warming Alarmists

Canada 2020 climate change panel an exercise in propaganda

‘Fair’: Government Taxing Businesses to Fund Competitors to Their Businesses

President Barack Obama and the Left have declared the government is now even more extensively in the economic “fairness” business.