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Turning on Obama -- Could it Be That the Liberal Press has Finally Figured Him Out?

If ponies rode men and grass ate cows, And cats were chased into holes by the mouse … If summer were spring and the other way round,

The FCC Transition?

Timing is everything.

Overconfidence: The Achilles Heel of Global Warming Alarmists

Canada 2020 climate change panel an exercise in propaganda

Greens Oppose Drilling, Fracking, Keystone … and Exports

The interminable war on drilling, fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline has taken some bizarre turns. Now it’s getting worse, as opponents grow more desperate, and the moon again grows full.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

I want to make just one observation based on Avik Roy’s<

Overreaching Internet Sales Tax Is Obama's Calculated Deception Of Gullible Voters

During the 2008 campaign, when candidate Obama was seeking our votes, he pledged in Dover, New Hampshire on Sept. 12, 2008:

Environmentalists Killing US Economy

Last month, Earth Day came and went. Perhaps you missed hearing about it.

San Jose State Professors Would Rather Burn Climate Skeptic Book Than Read It

On April 24 while introducing John Lott at our latest Authors Series event, I mentioned to the

Downsize the Liberals

Washington state is conservative, except for Seattle, which delivers the entire state’s electoral votes for the most left-wing plausible candidate every four years.

EU-Google: Too Powerful to Prosecute? The Problems with Politically Enabling Google

The EU blinked. It's obvious the EU does not want a high-profile political confrontation with Google over a search monopoly abuse enforcement action.