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The Immigration Trap

The Democrats have gotten the great Republican hope, Marco Rubio, to sign on  to a measure that accomplish

The Lessons of Iraq and Obamacare

With the opening of the George W.

Incompetence and Dysfunction Rampant at Energy Department

"Ineptocracy” is a new Internet-popularized word in wide circulation, which came to my inbox with the following definition:

Americans Bothered By The Way The Government Spends Taxes

Every year, April 15 is tax day. The morning’s news shows featured last minute tax tips and other tax-related information.

What Do Dish-Sprint, Google Fiber, & T-Mobile’s No Contracts, All Mean?

Competition is alive and well in the U.S. communications market.

Google Lands Sweet Deal, Taxpayers Are the Suckers

This piece in the Heartlander, "Google Goes Shopping at a Dollar Store" by Ran

Ohio Joins States Debating Common Core

Earlier this month, approximately a thousand Ohioans spent two to three hours of their free time in packed auditoriums, listening to people talk about education stand

Green Crusade a Threat to Economic Growth

One definition of “gangrene” offered by Webster’s Dictionary, “pervasive decay or corruption,” appropriately characterizes the work of the

Federal Government Looking to Tax Internet – And Let States Do It Too

The Big Government, Never-Enough-of-Your-Coin-Coalition – Internet Division – is at it yet again.

Doctors Ask: Is a Charting Error a Federal Crime?

As cardiovascular surgeon John Natale, M.D., sits in federal prison, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago heard his appeal on April 18.