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Wall Street Walks on the White House

The nomination of Jack Lew for Treasury Secretary has uncovered a lot of dirt about the man, but it also has a lot of dust swirling, regarding the incestuous relationship between the Obama administ

Renewable Energy's Big Secret

Climate change has again moved to center stage.

As The Economy Recesses, Obama's Global Warming Delusions Are Truly Cruel

President Obama issued this threat to the American people in his 2013 State of the Union Address (SOTU): “But for the sake of our children and our future, we must do more to combat clim

Preschool Advocates Are Wrong

This letter to the editor was published in the Birmingham News in Al

Sequester Hysterics

President Obama told America the morning of February 19 that if the sequester goes through on March 1:

Taxpayer-Supported Fisker Looking to China, Like A123

Stimulus déjà vu-lishness lurks: Another “green” tech company that received hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars is financially tro

Bill Bolling's Motives

In Virginia, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling says he will make his 

Rallying Against Enormous National Wealth

Did anyone notice that the estimated 35,000 who showed up for the anti-Keystone XL pipeline rally outside the White House on Sunday, Feb 17, were all bundled up against the cold?

Boeing Woes Balloon as Battery Fix Remains a Mystery

Would you be willing to fly on a newly developed jumbo airliner with battery technology that has been known to cause fires, whose exact cause is still unknown, but whose manufacturer has claimed to