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Fibbing About His Viewership, Al Gore’s Credibility Took Another Beating This Week

Al Gore’s credibility took yet another beating this week, as meteorologist Anthony Watts documented evidence that Gore lied through his teeth about the number of people allegedly watching the lates

Internet taxes will drive up all taxes

Barely two months ago, the world's largest online retailer, and other online retailers began collecting sales taxes in California, even though they have no warehouses or other buildings

Hobby Lobby and Religious Liberty Under ObamaCare

Hobby Lobby, the mega craft store, has lost the first round of their case against the government over the contraception mandate, and will be fined $1.3 million per day starting January 1st if they

For The Republicans There’s An Opportunity At The Fiscal Cliff

The fiscal cliff will not be a new topic to regular readers of this column.  I have been writing about it for almost two years, including with publication of my short book in the Encounter Bro

Taxpayer Protection Act rewards risky behavior

Congress is considering another federal government intervention in the market for homeowners’ insurance — on top of federal and state-level programs that already are causing problems.

Emanuel Needs to Pull ‘Mayor Trigger’

Critics of the Parent Trigger for school reform charge it’s a new idea with a short track record.

Our Money Managed by Mr. Bubble

A close look at the most recent statement from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke after the formal announcement of QE3 two weeks ago, plus articles and blogs in reaction to QE3 and my own person

It’s Time to End Fannie and Freddie

With the news that there are signs of improvement in the housing market come plans to alter Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, government-sponsored mortgage behemoths that have been under government conse

MPS ditches letter grades and doesn't make grade

Milwaukee Public Schools plans to expand districtwide a pilot program in which schools ditch traditional letter grades.

California, Illinois Double Down on Big Government

A few days after the big election, and the smoke is clearing. We're beginning to see the most consequential vote of Nov. 6 probably wasn't the one for president of these United States.