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Mayors Breaking Laws with Anti-Gun Jawboning

[NOTE: The author of this op-ed, Heartland Institute Senior Fellow for Legal Affairs Maureen Martin, died in a housefi

Taxpayer Millions, Lithium Ion and Rich People Just Don't Mix Well

Undoubtedly alternative energy and transportation innovator Elon Musk – like his competitor for the taxpayer-funded, six-figure ele

Why Isn’t Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick in Jail?

The Heartland Institute today released a

God for Obamacare … Dr. Ben Carson’s Heresy

Editor’s note: A longer version of this article first appeared at American Spectator.

State of the Union: Will Congress Deliver?

The State of the Union address long ago devolved into political theater, so it is no surprise that both President Obama and members of Congress surrounded themselves with sympathetic guests, among

Obama Failed to Notice the Biggest Common Denominator in Hadiya's Death

From what I heard, the biggest applause line in President Obama's State of the Union speech was when he said new gun regulations "deserve a vote" because of communities "ripped apart" by "gun viole

Heartland Institute Experts React to State of the Union Address

Here is the reaction of many Heartland Institute staffers, scholars, fellows, and policy advisors to President Obama's first second-term State of the Union address.   

Revisiting Superstorm Sandy, Part 4: Questions Needing Answers

[Patrick Moffitt is the co-author of this piece. 

Revisiting Superstorm Sandy, Part 3: Political Actions

[Patrick Moffitt is the co-author of this piece. 

Did 'We' Decide to Build Railroads?

President Obama said, in his second inaugural address, “Together we determined that a modern economy requires railroads.” Actually, “we” determined that “a modern economy” requires canals, not rail