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Legislature Is Right to Consider Science-Based Tobacco Policy

Most smokers want to quit, but few realize that quitting doesn’t require abstinence.

If This Is Recovery, Who Needs Recession?

President Barack Obama and fellow Democrats meeting in Charlotte for their national convention danced around the answer to the question, "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

As He Re-Creates The Grapes Of Wrath, Obama Is Out Of Ideas

President Obama started his Democratic Convention nomination acceptance speech with one overriding truth: “But when all is said and done – when you pick up that ballot to vote – you will face the c

Global Warming Alarmists Seek More Power, Not Emissions Reductions

As U.S. carbon dioxide emissions continue to decline, one would think global warming alarmists would celebrate the ongoing achievement. Instead, alarmists are ramping up their vitriol.

Alarmism, not climate, grows more extreme

For years, President Barack Obama has been curiously low-key about global warming, or climate change, as politically correct terminology now prefers.

Slowly but Surely, Teachers Unions are Losing the Democratic Party

The current teachers' strike in Chicago is the perfect

Obama’s Race-Based School Discipline Plan

In his latest in a steady stream of Executive Orders, President Barack Obama now seeks to scuttle the ideal of equal educational opportunity in favor of race-based equal outcomes mandated by govern

Election 2012: America Will Never Be the Same

The world is dynamic rather than static, so constantly thinking ahead is the key to understanding.

Obama’s Accelerating Downward Spiral For America

New income data from the Census Bureau reveal what a great job Barack Obama has done for the middle class as President.  During his entire tenure in the oval office, median household income ha

The Obamacare Fallacy: Bigger is better

His law incentivizes massive mergers of systems and providers into big players in the marketplace, binding them together to share costs.