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Don’t Believe The Global Warmists, Major Hurricanes Are Less Frequent

When Hurricane Isaac made landfall in southern Louisiana last week, the storm provided a rare break in one of the longest periods of hurricane inactivity in U.S. history.

Election 2012: America Will Never Be the Same

The world is dynamic rather than static, so constantly thinking ahead is the key to understanding.

Obama’s Accelerating Downward Spiral For America

New income data from the Census Bureau reveal what a great job Barack Obama has done for the middle class as President.  During his entire tenure in the oval office, median household income ha

The Obamacare Fallacy: Bigger is better

His law incentivizes massive mergers of systems and providers into big players in the marketplace, binding them together to share costs.

Common Core Rollout Draws Parental Opposition Nationwide

Common Core Rollout Draws Parental Opposition Nationwide By Robert Holland

Hydrofracking will create jobs

Tracy Carluccio in her commentary "Cuomo's chance: A clean future for N.Y.," Aug. 24, urges Gov.

Reusing plastic bags beats recycling

In response to the Aug. 28 editorial, “Let’s not sack the recycling of plastic bags,” I thought Gov.

Common Core hardly beloved by educators

Liz Bowie usually provides balanced and informative coverage of education issues, but she presented an absurdly rosy perspective on the national Common Core standards for K-12 English and math that

Tax Proposals

While the lower rate for carried interest may be unpopular, it plays an important role in encouraging strong investment in hedge funds.

Signs of common sense in D.C.

If one is a fluke and two is a trend, let us give thanks for the apparent trend toward common sense among, of all persons, some high-level federal bureaucrats.