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When bullies grow up, they can always run teachers unions

Earlier this month, the presidents of America's two largest teachers unions co-hosted a screening of the new documentary "Bully." The movie, of course, aims to combat bullying of schoolchildren.

FEMA Call for ‘Clean’ NFIP Reauthorization Would Punt Much-Needed Reforms

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which administers the National Flood Insurance Program, has asked Congress to pass a two-year reauthorization of the program before it expires May 31.

Government’s Size Is the Real Scandal

In a nation struggling with record budget deficits, feeling outraged about a federal agency that spent almost $900,000 on a lavish, booze-soaked conference seems natural.

Is Obama this century's Hayes?

There are many ways to describe those who fear encroaching technology: Luddites, technophobes, and, incorrectly, President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Yes, Virginia, Obamacare Is Already Raising Your Insurance Premiums

First as a candidate and then as president, Barack Obama repeatedly promised his administration would “have a health care plan that would save the average family $2,500 on their premiums,” with his

New York’s ‘Cracker’ Loss Reflects Bad Policy

After months of public courtship and deliberation, Royal Dutch Shell has announced it will build its $3.2 billion “cracker” facility in Pennsylvania.

There Is No Free Condom

According to the White House and its allies in the media, one of the most pressing issues in the country at the moment is whether all institutions that offer insurance to their employees and studen

Oklahoma’s Health Insurance Exchange Time-Waster

The next ten months will decide whether President Barack Obama’s namesake health care law survives or dies on the table.

Want to withdraw from Obama Ed?

Well before the March 10, 2010 release of the national Common Core (CC) standards for K-12 math and English, the Obama administration was pressuring states to commit to them if they wanted to compe