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Telemarketer Regs Show Government’s Job-Killing Ability

More than a few Americans consider telemarketers, phone text spammers, and assorted other marketing riffraff as huge sources of annoyance.

Parent Trigger Addresses ‘Worst of Worst’ Schools

Opponents of Parent Trigger legislation, including Bill 1204 currently before the Arizona state senate, rely on two assumptions: the publi

Mortgage Deal Hurts Honest Borrowers

If you have a home mortgage and have dutifully paid it each month, as you promised you would do when you signed the loan papers, you’re a chump.

Ten Bold New Projects for 2012

This election year gives millions of people a reason to pay closer attention than usual to what governments are doing with their money and their liberties.

Obama Chooses Partisan Politics over Conscience, Pragmatism

President Barack Obama’s decision to force religious organizations to violate their faith in order to continue serving their employees, students, and fellow citizens marks a break with the nation’s

Choice, Not More Obama-Style Statism, Can Reduce Dropout Rate

President Barack Obama weighed in against school dropouts in his State of the Union Address only to advocate a remedy--government compulsion--that has failed to ease the problem.

Ruling that Anti-bullying Law is Unconstitutional is a Relief

It is rather a relief for New Jersey school districts and students that a state panel has ruled a new anti-bullying law unfunded, and therefore unconstitutional, because the law itself would have c

An Argument For Less Government In Health Care

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has announced that religiously oriented institutions — Catholic ones in particular — are going to have to cover contraception through their

Court Got It Right

The decision by the Appeals Court of Maryland to allow Allstate to stop writing policies along the Atlantic Coast, while unpopular, was done for the right reason ("Court Upholds Hurricane Insurance

Senate Should Act on Flood Insurance Reform

On issues ranging from heath care to financial regulation, Democrats and Republicans in Congress have almost nothing in common.