Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Arizona House Retreats from Internet Censorship

With so much nonsense emanating from the halls of Congress, the White House, and the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the shenanigans afoot

EPA’s Coal Decision Creates Vulnerability

While the Environmental Protection Agency was busy drafting rules to destroy the American coal industry, it overlooked the fact that coal’s greater enemy was already on the hunt.

Government’s NFIP Harms Puget Sound

Puget Sound plays a vital role in Washington’s economy.

Giving The Global Warming Bully A Free Pass

Does the neighborhood bully have a right to cry foul when someone finally takes off his gloves and smacks the bully across the mouth?

Global Warming Activist David Roberts Slams the Qualifications of IPCC's Top Scientists

David Roberts, a blogger for the environmental activist website, has inadvertently delivered a hammer blow against the scientific e

Obama derails merger, distorts telecom market

Proponents of market freedom are often derided for repeating the mantra that government should never be allowed to select winners and losers in the business arena.

Ryan’s Safety Net Speech Overlooks Real Problem

The debate over the nation’s entitlement programs has been mostly about how much money we ought to spend.

When bullies grow up, they can always run teachers unions

Earlier this month, the presidents of America's two largest teachers unions co-hosted a screening of the new documentary "Bully." The movie, of course, aims to combat bullying of schoolchildren.

Government’s Size Is the Real Scandal

In a nation struggling with record budget deficits, feeling outraged about a federal agency that spent almost $900,000 on a lavish, booze-soaked conference seems natural.