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Nix the Amazon Tax

Declaring it "unfair" that out-of-state online retailers don't collect sales tax from every customer in each state where they conduct business, a bipartisan coalition of Michigan Representatives wa

Ponzi on the Potomac

Ida May Fuller worked as a schoolteacher and secretary during her long life - a life without marriage, children, political power or business influence yet a life that achieved one of the greatest r

The GOP Presidential Debate Highlights The Irony Of Florida Energy Policy

Michele Bachmann tapped into a source of national frustration last month when she pledged to bring back $2 per gallon gasoline.

Schools Are a Convenient Political Photo-Op but a Dubious Job Bank

It is difficult to imagine President Barack Obama is so out of touch that he expects anything more than campaign photo-ops to result from his proposal to pour $30 billion into local school construc

Reinsurance Bill Would Be a Disaster

The process of rebuilding the areas damaged by last month’s Hurricane Irene will take months and cost billions of dollars.

How Smart Growth and Livability Intensify Air Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to implement stronger air pollution restrictions on ozone (smog) for the stated purpose of improving public health.

Movie Review: Al Gore’s Polarizing, Misleading ‘Climate Reality’

After Tuesday’s shocking beat-down of Democrats in special elections, conventional political wisdom is that President Barack Obama is the most toxic political name that can be attached to a candida

Competition from Charters Pushes All Schools Forward

A large percentage of Americans do not know what to think about charter schools, even though these nontraditional public schools have begun quietly changing the way we all think about education.

Customers, Not Government, Determine Competitiveness

The White House this week commanded the Department of Justice to scuttle a deal that would’ve combined two wireless carriers—fourth-place T-Mobile and second-place AT&T—and catapulted the merge

Global Warming: A 98% Consensus Of Nothing

During last night’s Republican presidential debate, Jon Huntsman doubled down on Al Gorism, claiming skeptics of “global climate disruption” (that’s the White House’s term) are making “comments tha