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Our Unsustainable Entitlement Growth

As news of Washington’s debt ceiling clash flashed across the wires, a reader sent me a clipping this week from a column written by a Texas radio pastor in 1975.

Stop the War Against Standardized Tests

President Obama and the leaders of the teachers unions disagree with the view of citizens that schools, educators, and students should be held accountable for their performance on standardized test

Limitless Debt and Dollar Destruction; It’s What Our Leaders Want

As the debate rages over raising the national debt ceiling--even House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is looking for a way to raise it--it’s increasingly clear that nobody in power is serious about de

Obama Stands Idly by While FCC Trashes Internet

When President Barack Obama requested this past spring that government agencies conduct a cost analysis on burdensome regulations, no one really expected anything to come of it.

Net Neutrality Violates Property Rights Principles

Network neutrality, a euphemistically labeled and insidious concept, is perhaps the biggest current threat to the Internet, chiefly because it threatens property rights by supplying the wrong answe

Despite Hype, Most Schoolkids Won’t Get Innovative Technology Soon

Everyone is talking about fancy new education apps, possibilities for “flipping” classrooms using innovative, video-based operators

State, Local Tax Deductibility Is a Tax-Hike Machine

As members of Congress and the Obama administration creep ever closer to a deal to raise the debt ceiling, it becomes increasingly clear any plan that emerges will rewrite the nation’s tax code.

Atlanta Cheating Scandal More Reason to Keep Testing

The interwebs are ablaze with criticism of the "pressure to meet targets" on state standardized tests that allegedly led teachers and administrators in 80 percent of Atlanta Public Schools investig

The Coming Fall of the Teachers Unions

Review of Special Interest: Teachers Unions and American Public Schools, by Terry Moe, Brookings Institution Press (2011). $34.95, 513 pages, ISBN: 0815721293. 

Casey Anthony Verdict Doesn’t Require New Laws

So-called “Caylee’s Laws” are already being introduced in dozens of states across America, and a petition for a federal version has gone viral on the Internet.