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Unemployment Numbers Work

As the federal government’s officially reported unemployment rate has trended downward in the past few months, many on the political right have noted that some of the decline comes from people who

Inside Detroit’s Education Black Hole, a Few Stars of Hope

There’s no surprise in hearing Detroit is a mess.

Be it resolved

This resolution builds on the lessons from Europe this year, where we found out wealth redistribution on massive levels is sustainable, all the way until it isn't.

CDC Recommendation Could Save Children’s Lives

When flying, many people secure their luggage better than they secure their children. It seldom makes much difference.

Soviet Union’s Fatal Flaw Is Repeated Here

Even today, almost exactly 20 years after it happened, Westerners asked to explain the rapid collapse of the Soviet Union tend to serve up theories that flatter preconceived ideological biases.

Low-Tax Advocates Should Oppose Special Tax Breaks

When they joined with Democrats to vote for new handouts to business earlier this week, Republicans in the Illinois legislature such as House Leader Tom Cross patted themselves on the back.

Parents Should Heed Ben Franklin’s Vaccination Story

New data indicate increasing conflict between parental rights advocates and vaccination experts.

Technology in Schools: Not a One-Time Fix

Critics from right and left have jumped on the “education-indus

Update Journalism Shield Laws for Digital Age

Enacted by 40 states in the wake of the Watergate scandal, media shield laws help strengthen freedom of the press by protecting journalists and their confidential sources from government harassment

AT&T Drops T-Mobile Bid, Throws $4 Billion Down Drain, Consumers Lose; Thanks, FCC!

The girl in pink will not be changing into a blue dress after all.