Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Surprise: Teachers Are Overpaid

A new study concluding public school teachers earn, on average, 152 percent of what comparable private employees do has enormous implication

Government Handouts Always Followed by Takeaways

President Barack Obama apparently does not understand basic economics or even simple math. Such as: There are two sides to every equation.

Government Insurance Is a Bad Investment

It seems everyone is getting on the smaller-government bandwagon these days.

Firms Can Deter Litigation by Being Junkyard Dogs

Lost in the coverage of Herman Cain's alleged sexual harassment episodes is a lesson for tort reformers: It always costs more in the long run to settle frivolous cases.

One Way Virginia can Ensure Higher Premiums and More Bureaucracy

Is Bob McDonnell about to become Barack Obama's favorite governor?

Voucher System Would Democratize Tennessee Schools

School boards in Tennessee’s largest districts have begun a furious public relations campaign to thwart attempts at democratizing education by offering school vouchers to some of the state’s poores

Bank Fee Troubles Not Over

Bank of America, the nation's largest financial institution by some measures, made headlines  for announcing it would charge $5 a month to consumers who used its previously free debit cards an

Cain Predecessor Willkie Indicates Rough Road Ahead

Policies are what affect our well-being, but it’s politicians and politics that tend to determine them. And sometimes the campaign process makes all the difference.

We Need FDA Reform—Just Ask Peyton

The American medical community consistently creates new drugs and procedures to advance health care.

Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate Will Snare Religious Organizations

A proposed Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate emanating from President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act will require all private health insurance plans to cover