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Feds Want States To Quell Anti-Testing Uprising

Big government tamps down all optimism associated with springtime.

Intellectual Property Protection is a Fundamental Free Market Tenet – Not a Tax

There was on Monday a quintessential example of the horrendously bad thinking of those opposed to all things intellectual property.

Yaron Brook Says America's Fight Against Income Inequality is Misguided

It was fitting for The Heartland Institute's President and

Netflix’s Contribution to the Net Neutrality Big Lie

Net Neutrality is a really stupi

The Developing World Wants Natural Gas and Electricity, Hillary Clinton Sends Cookstoves

Hillary Clinton’s “trustworthiness” problem is fed by a long history of “varying credibility,” as a recent Politico story 

This Year's Presidential Politics Equals Continuing Big Government

The daily and unending bombardment of political campaign reporting and news, with its “drama” about who will be the Republican and Democratic Party candidates for the U.S.

Google, the Barack Obama Administration – and Even More Questionable Policy

Almost inarguably, no private entity is more enmeshed with the Barack Obama Administration – than is Google.

Tax Dollars Given To Green Climate Fund

The UNFCCC Green Climate Fund was established at COP 16, as described here on the UNFCCC web site:

Google, Like Facebook, Should Admit They Were Wrong About Net Neutrality

Network Neutrality is a really stupid, anti-capitalism policy – that outlaws on the Internet several basic, fundamenta

Thanks To Fracking, OPEC’s Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost

Plummeting oil prices, which are largely the result of the U.S.