Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Hillary and Bernie Need a Fracking Lesson

Environmental issues were discussed in detail at a recent Democratic debate, held in in Flint Michigan on March 6.

Washington’s Despotic Lawlessness

We’ve had a “try and stop me” president. Now we need one who will invalidate those actions.

Trying to Make Winners Out of Losers

By now, most people probably know about one of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s biggest campaign 

'Loss of Place' is Legitimate, Fear of Frac Sand is Not

The mining of sand used for hydraulic fracking has become a controversial issue in communities throughout Western Wisconsin.

Homeschooling Parents Finding Extra Help in Cooperatives

As home schooling grows rapidly, resourceful parents are forming co-ops to share their knowledge and lend each other moral support.

Struggle for Freedom in America's Schools

By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

Association of Youth E-Cigarette Bans with Increased Smoking Confirmed

There is fresh evidence indicating that attempts to prohibit youth access to e-cigarettes increase youth smoking rates.

Regardless Who Wins In November, Freedom And Liberty Both Lose

Let us be clear. We are living, right now, in a time of emotional fear, hysterical anger, illogical demands, and dangerous temptations. In other words, liberty and prosperity are at risk.

Washington DC: Don’t Just Do Something – Stand There

There is a warped Inside-the-Beltway fetish with “getting things done.” Warped – because of what many of those “things” consist.

'GMO' Labeling We Don't Need--And Won't Get

Controversy continues to rage over whether foods from plants modified with molecular genetic engineering techniques should have to be labeled as such.