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American Docs Need to Learn From Royal College of Physicians

Author's Note: On June 2nd, the New England Journal of Medicine published a case vignette, "A man considering the use of

Research Shows School Choice Benefits More Than Just Conservatives

Two recently released studies, both analyzing research from impartial sources, have come to the same conclusion education reformers have been pronouncing for years: School choice benefits not only

Who Wants Wind Turbines?

Last month’s wind-turbine fire near Palm Springs, CA, that dropped burning debris on the barren gr

What's Really Driving Our Incarceration Boom

A new report published by the Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan federal government agency, estimates a bill awaiting a vote in the U.S.

More Job-killing Rules from the EPA

Having already done yeoman’s work stifling economic growth and job creation, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is doubling down again.

FCC Privacy Regulation Claims: “Believe it or not!”

With due credit to "Ripley's Believe it or Not

Economics and the Pretense of Knowledge

Last week, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Janet Yellen was awarded the Radcliffe Medal at Harvard’s Radcliffe Inst

Peter Thiel Should Learn A Broader Litigation Lesson From His Gawker Lawsuit

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel is a pretty smart guy.

Open Letter to Attorneys General about Climate Change


American Forefathers Were Not Paternalistic

America! For more than 250 years the word has represented hope, opportunity, a second chance, and freedom.