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Having Destroyed US Coal Industry, Democrats and Eco Allies are Now Attacking all Fossil Fuels

The great white environmentalist sharks smell blood in the water.

On Climate, We’re Manipulated by Sleight of Hand

Perhaps you watched the Earth Day news coverage of the “historic” ceremonial signing of the Paris Climate Agreement during which representatives from 175 countries walked up to the stage in the Gen

Get Ready To Ditch The SAT And ACT

Decades from now, education historians may observe Common Core (CC) provoked a wave of activism that resulted in decentralizing U.S. education.

Study Finds Electronic Payments Boost Economy, Jobs

The electronic payments industry has revolutionized worldwide markets, making services like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, and touch and pay systems possible.  As the industry grows and innovates, cons

7 Top Takeaways from EU’s Google-Android-Tying Charges

The European Commission has charged Alphabet-Google with abusing its dominance in the market for “general Internet search services,” by implementing an Android “strategy of mobile

Cato Scholar Presents Insight About New Direction for Supreme Court

America's Future Foundation held an intimate briefing with a leading Suprem

Despite Gloomy News, Life is Actually Getting Better

It seems the news these days is nothing but bad.

Chilling Scientific Inquiry

In 2009, there was a massive email leak from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia.

The Progressive War on Free Speech – Part Three

“The Revolution devours its children,” wrote French royalist Jacques Mallet du Pan in 1793, but in the case of

The FCC is Just Another Dishonest, Authoritarian Arm of the Obama Administration

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) describes itself thus: “An independent U.S.